Welcome to Informikon

In this website we want to provide you with technical information and resources related to programming multimedia applications on Windows.

We cover topics related to Microsoft and Open Source technologies with regards to audio and video programming.

As the hardware becomes more powerful, using a rich environment, like .Net allows more time to be devoted to the creative and innovative aspects of product development. The problem lies on deciding and applying the various technologies, libraries, tools and standards available at our disposal.

We strive to make this site a place for learning and exchanging of ideas. We try to cover all aspects of multimedia programming with an open mind and focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.

We created some introductory Windows Forms tutorials and expanded with DirectShow, DirectX, FFMpeg and many more.

By registering you are allowed to post to our forum, communicate with other members through Private Messaging (PM) and be part of our community. Rest assured that we will never use your email address for SPAM and/or sell it to any 3rd parties. 

This site is an offspring, and hopefully an advancement of a2ii.com. We needed some room for growth and a space where developers can post their questions, comments and contributions. After a lot research we decided to use a popular open-source CMS. We did our best during the implementation phase to fix all problems but it's possible that a few things slipped through the "cracks". We appreciate any feedback regarding the site and general comments from our visitors. 

Full screen videos, high quality audios and broadband connections are now common, so let's start coding our dreams...

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